Hospitality Award

Lux Life Hospitality Awards 2021 for “Best Residential Project Mobilisation Specialists UK” for MORICON Consultants.


Lux Life Hospitality Award

MORICON Consultants is very excited and grateful for the nomination and receipt of the Best Residential Project Mobilisation Specialists – UK category in this year’s Lux Review, based on independent research and client testimonials

MORICON Service Wheel

Moricon Consultants is a
London-based consultancy,
specialising in creating
hospitality services, amenities
and operational structures
during the pre- opening
development phase.
Recognised at the LUXlife
Hospitality Awards 2021,
Moricon focuses on the early
phase of a project with the
implementation of operations
structures, standards, budgets
in complete alignment with the
development’s service vision.

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