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MORICON MYSTERY SHOPPING – the No. 1 Best Practice to improve the performance of your asset by focusing on the customer service experience

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The unique approach of MORICON Mystery Shopper lies in the fact that the tangible elements of customer service, such as “delivery-as-promised”, aren’t too difficult to measure. It’s the intangible elements that are more challenging – but it’s these that are most important to your customers.

Based on his deep insight into the hospitality sector, where such mystery shopping programmes are commonplace, MORICON Mystery Shopper can leverage this knowledge to assist BTR operators, student housing, and later living operators improve their team’s and assets’ overall performance.

MORICON Mystery Shopper offers a range of audits, from standard to wholly tailored audit programmes to best suit different locations and client requirements. We believe that a great customer experience starts as soon as you begin the search for a new home. 

Click here to learn more about MORCION Mystery Shopper, the many benefits of auditing to improve your team’s and asset’s performance, how solid data provides a sound decision-making platform, and how your customers experience your brand in a new light.

We assist operators by testing standards to help improve their performance, de-risking the customer experience and create a strong frameworks of data-driven decision making for your brand, audit by audit.

MORICON Mystery Shopper is part of MORICON Consultants, your award-winning specialist for pre-openings and site mobilisation.

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